Category Extended coverage concealed pendent sprinkler

Extended coverage concealed pendent sprinkler

Reliable fire sprinklers are built with the designer and installer in mind, helping you protect lives and preserve property in even the most challenging situations. Reliable sprinklers have been designed and assembled in the United States since and are suitable to protect a wide range of applications, including Commercial, Residential, Storage, and Special Applications.

Extended Coverage

Reliable sprinklers are available in a wide variety of finishes, temperature ratings, and styles. Stainless steel or specially coated sprinklers may also be used for corrosive environments. Our sales team will walk you through the best options to keep your project on time and on budget. Do you have a technical product question? Contact our technical services team to get the answers you need to move your project forward.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

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For more information about how your data is handled, see our privacy policy. Accept Read More. Necessary Always Enabled.This Concealed Pendent sprinkler is acceptable for use under a static magnetic field strength of up to 7-Tesla measurement of magnetic field strengthmore than twice the magnetic strength of standard MRI equipment, which are typically around 3-Tesla.

Both models are concealed in an enclosed escutcheon plate with a flat cover. Maximum working pressure is psi. This separable two-piece design allows installation of the sprinklers and pressure testing of the fire protection system prior to installation of a suspended ceiling, or application of the finish coating to a fixed ceiling. It also permits the removal of suspended ceiling panels for access to building service equipment without having to first shut down the fire protection system and remove the sprinklers.

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April 2, This new reader line delivers unparalleled performance, versatility and smarter, more connected access control.You must have a Professional Engineer design a sprinkler system to address your specific situation and to meet the codes applicable in your jurisdiction. There are two main criteria for the location of sprinkler heads. First, sprinklers must be located so they are within the hot-gas layer that develops near the ceiling during a fire because activation occurs when the sprinkler head reaches a certain temperature.

Second, they must be located so that the water that is discharged from the sprinkler is not disrupted or affected by construction elements such as beams, trusses, or soffits. The diagram below shows the water distribution for standard pendant and upright sprinkler fixtures.

It is useful to understand how objects within this distribution area can alter the throw and disrupt the ability of the sprinkler to extinguish a fire. This is a general depiction of sprinkler throw and should not be used to determine sprinkler spacing. Refer to the manufacturer data for specific throw data. Please note, that the throw of a sprinkler should not be used for sprinkler spacing - local codes determine spacing requirements.

According to NFPA 13 8. Therefore, building owners must ensure that all storage and objects in the room remain 18" below the sprinkler deflector as shown in the image below.

The table below shows sprinkler spacing requirements based on NFPA This table shall be used only as a tool for architects. Distance from Ceiling: minimum 1", maximum 12" for unobstructed construction. The minimum 1" is typical; however, concealed, recessed, and flush sprinklers may be mounted less than 1" from the ceiling and shall be installed based on their listing. In some circumstances, standard distribution sprinkler heads will not provide enough coverage. In these cases, extended coverage sprinkler heads can be installed to increase the spacing between heads.

Extended coverage sprinklers have a water distribution radius of a little over 10 feet, so they can be spaced approximately 20 feet apart. Bluebeam Tools and Templates Tool sets, hatches, line types, stamps, and templates for Bluebeam Revu.

Best Architecture Books Our list of the top reference books for architects - these are the ones we have on our shelf.This invention relates to fire prevention sprinklers for distributing a fire extinguishing liquid such as water in an environment which is subject to a fire hazard. Many conventional fire prevention sprinklers consist of a threaded sprinkler body connected to a water supply pipe to receive water under pressure and having a heat-responsive arrangement blocking a passage in the sprinkler body which is set to open the passage when the temperature in the vicinity of the sprinkler exceeds a selected value.

In order to distribute the water emerging from the sprinkler passage throughout the area to be protected, the sprinkler includes a deflector which is supported from the sprinkler body by arms so that water emerging from the sprinkler passage upon activation of the sprinkler impinges the deflector and is distributed thereby over the area to be protected.

Concealed sprinklers are usually covered by a cover plate which is substantially flush with a ceiling in which the sprinkler is mounted and have a deflector supported from the sprinkler body by sliding pins rather than fixed arms, permitting the deflector to be held in a retracted position above the ceiling and adjacent to the sprinkler body and to drop down to an extended position below the surface of the ceiling automatically and concurrently with the operation of the sprinkler after the cover has been released by a high temperature condition.

The Leininger et al. The Meyer et al. The Galaszewski U. The Fischer et al. Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide an extended coverage concealed sprinkler which overcomes disadvantages of the prior art. Another object of the invention is to provide an extended coverage concealed sprinkler providing quick response coverage for light hazard occupancies at spacings up to eighteen feet and standard response coverage at spacings up to twenty feet.

extended coverage concealed pendent sprinkler

These and other objects of the invention are attained by providing a sprinkler having a sprinkler body with an axial passage for water normally covered by a cap retained in position by a thermally responsive element and a deflector slidably supported by arms extending from the sprinkler body for motion between a retracted position adjacent to the sprinkler body and an extended position, in which the deflector has a substantially planar imperforate structure with opposed portions of the periphery of the deflector on opposite sides of a plane containing the arms being bent in the direction away from the sprinkler body passage.

In a preferred embodiment, the deflector is supported on pins which pass through the arms extending from the sprinkler body and has a central stream-splitting projection extending toward the sprinkler body passage. In addition, the bent portions at the periphery of the deflector on opposite sides of the arms extend away from the planar portion of the deflector at approximately the same angle that the arcuate surface of the projection intercepts the plane of the deflector.

Further objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from a reading of the following description in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, in which:.

In the typical embodiment of the invention shown in FIG. Alternatively, a thermally responsive glass bulb may be used. The lever assembly 22 engages the cap 18 at one end and is supported at the opposite end by a screw 24 which extends through a boss 26 formed at the junction of two arms 28 and 30 extending parallel to the sprinkler axis from the sprinkler body A deflector 32, described in more detail hereinafter, is supported by two pins, 34 and 36, which are slidably received in corresponding guides 38 and 40 in the arms 28 and 30, respectively.

The pins 34 and 36 have enlarged heads 42 providing a close-fitting engagement with correspondingly shaped shoulders in the guides 38 and 40 thereby limiting downward motion of the deflector in the extended position while retaining the deflector 30 in an orientation substantially perpendicular to the sprinkler axis.

The concealed sprinkler 10 is arranged to be positioned in an opening 44 in a ceiling panel 46 and, in the illustrated embodiment, a cup-shaped cover support 48 is mounted on the sprinkler body 12 by screws 50 which are received in threaded openings in lateral projections 52 of the sprinkler body. The cup-shaped cover support 48 is formed with a thread 54 in a cylindrical extension A substantially planar cover member 58 is joined by solder joints to depending tabs 60 of a sleeve 62 which is received within the extension 56 and which has a plurality of helically arranged projections 64 positioned and shaped to engage the thread 54 of the extension 56 of the cover support 48, thereby permitting the cover 58 to be axially adjustably mounted with respect to the sprinkler body 12 by rotation of the sleeve 62 within the cover support A leaf spring 68 engages a circumferential shoulder 70 on the sleeve 62 and has a plurality of spring fingers 72 urging the rim of the cover 58 in the direction away from the sleeve member 62 as described for example in the Leininger et al.

Accordingly, when the ambient temperature in the vicinity of the sprinkler exceeds the melting temperature of the solder joints holding the cover 58 to the tabs 60, the depending fingers 72 of the leaf spring 70 force the cover 58 away from the sprinkler body and, when the elevated temperature exceeds the release temperature of the thermally responsive structure 22, the lever assembly comprising that structure is released, permitting the cap 18 to be forced away from the orifice 20 by the pressure of water in the passage At the same time, the deflector 32, which is no longer supported by the cover 58 and is subjected to water under pressure emerging from the orifice 20, drops below the level of the ceiling 46 until the enlarged portions 42 of the pins 34 and 36 are held in the guides 38 and 40 so that the deflector is retained in the extended position beneath the ceiling panel 46, enabling distribution of water from the orifice 20 over the area to be protected.

In order to provide the desired extended coverage of the sprinkler, the sprinkler deflector 32, as shown in FIGS. In a preferred embodiment, the diameter of the plate 80 which extends through the arcuate portions 82 is between about 1. As best seen in FIGS. In operation, when the thermally responsive element is activated at an elevated temperature, the lever assembly 22 supporting the cap 18 collapses, releasing the cap and permitting water passing through the orifice 20 to impinge on the deflector 32, causing the deflector to be moved away from the sprinkler body 12 until the enlarged portions 42 of the pins 34 and 36 engage corresponding shoulders in the portions 38 and Although the invention has been described herein with reference to specific embodiments, many modifications and variations therein will readily occur to those skilled in the art.

Accordingly all such variations and modifications are included within the intended scope of the invention. Effective date : Year of fee payment : 4.

Year of fee payment : 7. Year of fee payment : 8. Year of fee payment : A concealed extended coverage quick response sprinkler has a sprinkler body with an axial passage for water, a cap normally closing the axial passage, and a thermally responsive structure supported from a pair of frame arms retaining the cap in position. A deflector slidably supported from the sprinkler body includes a substantially planar imperforate plate with opposed peripheral edge portions disposed on opposite sides of a plane containing the frame arms which are bent away from the sprinkler body.

The sprinkler has a K factor of about Globe Fire Sprinkler remains open for business and focused on the health and safety of our employees while continuing our commitment to our customers. We take great pride that Globe solutions supply critical life safety applications and remain committed to supporting your construction needs during these challenging times.

extended coverage concealed pendent sprinkler

If you have any questions, please reach out to your sales representative. The revolutionary design of the new Globe UMC Universal Manifold Check can cut your installation time of floor control and shotgun riser assemblies by at least half. It integrates all The Globe Model RCW Water Control Valve is a hydraulically operated external resetting differential latching style valve designed for use where quick-opening and total flooding of sprinkler system piping is Karl Wiegan, PE.

The Globe Technical Services Team is in the process of updating the format of our technical data sheets. Globe honors the women that manage our supply chain, finance, customer service, sales, business development, production, quality, design engineering, project engineering, safety…and cover every step of the process from inception of a product concept to delivery on the jobsite. Our Family Protecting Your Family Globe Fire Sprinkler remains open for business and focused on the health and safety of our employees while continuing our commitment to our customers.

Featured Products. Physical Inventory Notice Sep 16th, Women in Construction Week Mar 11th, Reliable extended coverage sprinklers are designed to protect larger areas than specified by installation rules for standard spray sprinklers. Reliable extended coverage sprinklers are approved to protect light, ordinary, and extra hazard occupancies, and are available in a wide variety of finishes, temperatures, and styles.

Reliable extended coverage sprinklers may reduce both material and installation costs by reducing the number of sprinklers, branch lines, fittings, and installation time. Do you have a technical product question? Contact our technical services team to get the answers you need to move your project forward. You are using an outdated browser. Things may not appear as intended. We recommend updating your browser to the latest version.

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Extended Coverage

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CLICK HERE FOR LIVE GAA SCORE UPDATESIt has been a season of great contrast so far for this pair, with Kildare winning promotion to Division 1 and Laois dropping into Division 4. The Kingston brothers Paul (2-1) and Donie (1-4) scored 3-5 between them. The last year Kildare failed to reach the Leinster semi-final was 2010.

Betting advice One has to think that next season Kildare are in Division 1 and Laois is in Division 4, that the lilywhites should have no problem the -3 handicap. Tweet Tweet Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Fionnuala McCormack bids for 3rd European Cross Country title at a record 15th championships Athletics Ireland has named a team of 27 athletes to compete at. Cycling Ireland Award Winners 2017 Some of the top names in Irish cycling were in Santry, Dublin.

Rugby Fitness Training: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Fitter for Rugby Rugby is a powerful sport that can be placed in the same. Connacht Rugby Squad fitness and injury list updates This Saturday focus shifts to the European Challenge for our clash away.

Good start for Johann van Graan as Munster easily defeat Ospreys The Johann van Graan era as Head Coach of Munster Rugby began. Huge depth in Galway hurling as only one champion plays club hurling semi-finals Its barely a month and a half since David Burke lifted the. Douvan v Fox Norton for Betfair Tingle Creek Chase Brilliant two-mile chaser Douvan features among 11 entries for a superb renewal. Republic of Ireland at the FIFA World Cup The Republic of Ireland failed to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World.

Classy Eriksen leads Denmark to World Cup as Republic of Ireland hammered in play-off What began as a night of high hopes and belief, ended in. Boxing : Lucan soldier John Joyce prepares for battle on Celtic Clash 3 Irish Army soldier and professional welterweight boxer John Joyce went into full. Carl Frampton splits from manager Barry McGuigan Carl Frampton has confirmed he has split with Cyclone Promotions and Barry.

extended coverage concealed pendent sprinkler

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Always Dreaming stormed to victory by 2. The Todd Pletcher-trained colt tallied his fourth straight win while starting from the five-post at the Kentucky Derby, and blew away the field by five lengths at the Florida Derby after drawing the four-post, claiming victory with the fastest time in that race since 1978. However, victory has eluded Pletcher at the Preakness, with each of his previous eight entries coming up short in the second jewel of the Triple Crown. However, the Seattle Slew progeny has held his own in previous stakes races, finishing top-three in his previous four races.

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extended coverage concealed pendent sprinkler

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DeGale is the huge favourite and this is merely a tune up fight as he awaits a super fight against either Chris Eubank Jr or George Groves. But the Welshman will want to put on a show regardless as he is set to defend his title against the Leeds Warrior Josh Warrington.

It will be broadcast live on BT Sport and BoxNation. Also on the undercard are WBO European Lightweight Champion Craig Evans and rising talents Archie Sharp, Sanjeev Sahota, Ben Smith, Hamza Sheeraz, Umar Sadiq and debutant Harvey Horn. We have broken down both fights and provided our betting tips and odds with Sun Bets. Although West Ham will see this a potential turning point of the season if they can get a result over the current champions at home. TWO points from their last six games does not suggest the Hammers are about to upset Chelsea.

His side did almost snatch a point at Manchester City but in the end it was still four defeats in five. Chelsea were frustrated in the Champions League in midweek. They have still won eight of their last 11 in all competitions, however, and the Hammers are no Atletico Madrid.



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